Harold Holt

Harold Holt media release, 31st of May, 1967

"On the aborigine question, I was delighted with the overwhelming vote in every State of the Commonwealth favouring the elimination of those references in the Constitution which smack of discrimination. The grant of power to the Commonwealth in relation to aborigines which follows from the vote will enable it to play a useful part in ensuring justice and social acceptance for people of the aboriginal race. The vote will not only help the aborigine, it will contribute to Australia's international standing by demonstrating to the outside world our overwhelming desire to give full acceptance to the aboriginal people within our community."

Indigenous perspective

"We didn’t know it then but we began what was a seven year fight for our people, the Gurindji people. Our stockmen and women  walked off Wave Hill cattle station in protest. We got no real pay, all we got was sugar,  bully beef and flour. We wanted proper wages and we wanted our traditional land back. We camped waiting at Watti Creek."