Robert Menzies
1939-1941; 1949-1966

"As Prime Minister I support my Minister for Supply in saying that there will be no natives near Maralinga for the upcoming atomic tests. We ensure complete safety for the native population and have a duty to support our motherland, Great Britain.

During the tests there were aboriginal populations scattered in the area. People got sick, went blind, died of cancers. Community suffering has never been properly recognised or compensated.

Indigenous perspective

It is 1965 and we’re on the Freedom ride bus with Charlie Perkins. We wanted to see the discrimination against our people in country New South Wales.  Well, the trip came up with the goods. We got stares in pubs, if we were even served, we were banned from the RSL, were run off the road at Walgett and Moree turned into a riot.  And we couldn’t sit with our mates in the cinema either, or swim in the pool!